Teacher. Lifter. Lyricist.

The vicissitudes of life are painfully instructive. My goal is to share my mistakes and the lessons I’ve internalized in the hope that others can learn from them and avoid falling into similar unproductive¬†patterns.


With a BA in Drama Studies and a Master’s Degree in Literacy, I have spent the past 17 years teaching literature, writing, and film/acting. My love of the written word extends beyond the page and into my classroom. My book¬†recommendations can be found on YouTube.

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A certified Personal Trainer and Kettlebell instructor since 2007, I believe that everyone can find an entry point to achieve their goals. I strive to share my passion for health and fitness through my Get Fit with Kit workout series.

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As a lover of hip hop, I know that music can transmit poignant social and political messages, and I use my voice as a vehicle to create change. My album Midlife Crisis is on sale on Bandcamp, and my live shows can be found online.

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Let’s Build

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  • Educational consulting/curriculum development
  • Private/group fitness coaching
  • Writing workshops
  • Music collaborations and performances