I began my physical journey as a child. Beginning with Tae Kwon Do at the local JCC, I fell in love with movement and the power of the human body. This led me to dance. I studied ballet for several years, dabbled in modern dance during college, and learned tap while in London. Unfortunately, the “real world” overcame my ambitions, and once I began working movement fell by the wayside.

In 2006 I fell down a flight of stairs and was in tremendous pain, unable to sit, stand, or sleep without vicodin. I was determined to reclaim my body and my ability to move freely. I began working with a personal trainer, a physical therapist, and a sports chiropractor. Together the team helped me return to a pain-free life.

This experience led to a new appreciation for movement. I returned to school to learn about nutrition, anatomy, and physiology. In 2007 I became a certified Personal Trainer through the NSCA and a kettlebell instructor through Kettlebell Concepts.

Through the years, I have participated in numerous workshops in an effort to add to my understanding of athletic performance and injury prevention and continued on my own journey of strength and athleticism, recently adding Weightlifting Performance Coach to my arsenal. As someone who has faced the adversity of injury, I appreciate the need for education and appropriate application of principles. It can be risky to expose yourself to a trainer who lacks understanding. This drives me to pursue the best possible practices so I can help my clients meet their goals, and I recognize and appreciate the trust that they afford me when they put their body in my hands.

Indeed, the knowledge and experiences I have gleaned have proved invaluable. Since 2012 I have been running an after-school weightlifting program. Working with student athletes is enjoyable, and particularly rewarding has been helping teenage girls build strength and self-confidence. I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce these developing young ladies to the joys of weightlifting and nutrition, witnessing first hand how their perspectives change as they master exercises and revel in newly acquired skills and body image.