Bad Boy, Good Girl

I’m torn. I don’t believe men are inherently bad. I think some of them are misinformed. I think some of them have been misguided. I think many of them would do well to read 12 Rules for Life, reclaim their strength, and redefine their manhood. I don’t believe women are naturally helpless. I think some … More Bad Boy, Good Girl


It seems like our world is tearing at the seams. The regression of ideas and behavior, after years of effort and sacrifice, is discouraging. We are losing our ability to connect with others and with ourselves. Yet, “we can’t change a situation if we haven’t taken responsibility for our share of it.” (I lament that … More Histories

When suicide is the only option…

This world breaks my heart. I simultaneously think “No one understands” and “I know I am not alone”. Chris Cornell. Chester Bennington. Suicide. The statistics from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America reflect that more than 15 million American adults are affected by depression. There are various treatment options ranging from lifestyle changes through … More When suicide is the only option…

Working with Others

Collaboration is essential for artists. Not only does it help create a strong network of creative minds, but working with a team can also help spark inspiration, and challenge an artist to improve. I was fortunate to be included on this mix of female rappers (I start off the set). If you want to hear … More Working with Others

Making Music

I love words. As a teacher, as a lover of literature, as a story teller, I love the ways that words and expressions convey meaning and experience. My goal is to use words to effect positive outcomes, and sometimes the best way to do this is through silly, fun loving rhymes. I appreciate the fact … More Making Music

Making an Impact

It’s important for me to make meaningful connections with people through my music. After my most recent performance of Sisters, a woman in the audience approached me to thank me for speaking about relevant issues. She has a teenage daughter and was especially moved by the parallels between the recent Facebook live rapes and my verse … More Making an Impact