Get Lit with Kit #10

Consider that moment you came to a crossroads. You were faced with a decision and determined to think with a clear head, reflect on ways to grow, and make changes that could help you experience new aspects of life. But then life got in the way and all the little stumbling blocks started to steal the thunderous momentum. … More Get Lit with Kit #10

Get Lit with Kit #9 is a great website that boasts videos from EVERY subject and all under 5 minutes. It’s perfect for when you are standing in line and have the compulsion to check your cell phone. If you’re looking for some hip hop to listen to check out JWalks. I’ve been bobbing my head to this track from his … More Get Lit with Kit #9

Get Lit with Kit #8

This was an interesting article about language and how our mother tongue is a strong connector to our personal history, even if we haven’t spoken that language for years. As I read the linguistics article, I thought about the unique blend of food that I grew up with (Iraqi kibbeh and Japanese sushi = winning … More Get Lit with Kit #8

Get Lit with Kit #7

This Goals v. Systems article has been floating around in the fitness and education spheres recently. James Clear presents a great analysis of how a little bit of concrete work every day actually leads to accomplishing goals. It’s process oriented and quite useful if you’re the type of person who is motivated to set goals but struggles … More Get Lit with Kit #7

Get Lit with Kit #6

This past week, a friend marveled at how I “get so much done” between work, training, music, and other pursuits. I think my productivity results from a lack of “multitasking” abilities. I am keenly aware that when I try to engage more than one activity, it all falls apart (I learned this lesson 20 years … More Get Lit with Kit #6

Get Lit with Kit #5

I overcommitted (no surprises there) and have been extremely stressed out for the past few weeks. While talking to my coach, I realized that a lot of my stress is all self created because I think everything needs to be handled immediately. Obviously, my focus for the next week will be: “Don’t invent unnecessary urgency.” … More Get Lit with Kit #5

Get Lit with Kit #4

The 3 Hour Swing was something I stumbled across recently. It’s an interesting concept with clear benefit. If you’re a music lover, you might struggle with choosing just one playlist because, let’s face it, music is life. This article deconstructs music and the type of music that would be most beneficial for you and your task. … More Get Lit with Kit #4