Get Lit – June 2022

Summer is here! Books: My book, Miscellaneous Madness, tops the list this week. You can order it here. Remember to write a review (on Amazon, on Goodreads, and on your social media pages). AND stay tuned for a virtual night with the author (me!). Links to come. Thomas Friedman, of New York Times notoriety, wrote Thank You for Being … More Get Lit – June 2022

Get Lit With Kit – February 2022

I hope you are grooving! I certainly am. This month, I read several BOOKS that overlapped in a curious way.  Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality mentioned the fact that kids don’t have the basics and are not strong enough in the foundations. This hinders excellence, obviously. Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows presented the dangers that await us all when we are unprepared … More Get Lit With Kit – February 2022

Get Lit With Kit – Best of December 2021

Deck the halls  🙂 I’d be lying if I said I was keeping up with my reading. I did, however, encounter one provocative piece about ayahuasca from Stephanie Lin at As I read her thoughtful insights, I was struck by the notion of how powerful we humans are – when we choose to be, when … More Get Lit With Kit – Best of December 2021