Get Lit w/ Kit – July 2021

What’s up everybody? I read a fantastic book of essays this month. Monsters in the Classroom presents thoughtful perspectives of how ‘others’ (vampires, zombies, Godzilla, etc) are portrayed in literature and film. But more importantly, it delves into WHY these beings exist as they do. Looking at historical implications, cultural contexts, psychological/political/societal fears, Monsters in the Classroom got my … More Get Lit w/ Kit – July 2021

Get Lit w/ Kit – April 2021

Hello hello! This month I pushed the activist button as it relates to things environmental. The Riverkeepers describe the generations long fight to protect the Hudson from multiple nefarious actors. The trickle down effects and the consequences for the human population was heartbreaking. If you want to learn how water connects to social justice, read The Riverkeepers. In … More Get Lit w/ Kit – April 2021

Get Lit w/ Kit- March 2021

It feels like spring! Let’s get into a new Flow. I enjoyed How to Pronounce Knife by Souvankham Thammavongsa, a collection of short stories from the perspective of Laos refugees. So much power transmitted through her words. If you’re a “creative” of any type, there is only one book you should read this year, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin.  Speaking of creative, … More Get Lit w/ Kit- March 2021

Get Lit w/ Kit – February 2021

It’s Black History Month!! If you’re not listening to Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, and Sammy Davis Jr…you should be. I revisited Harper Lee’s classic To Kill a Mockingbird and then did a deep dive into The Negro in the City, a fantastic collection of essays penned by African American royalty (I first got my hands on this book 20 years ago, and it … More Get Lit w/ Kit – February 2021

Get Lit With Kit – December 2020

Howdy ho for the holidays! The big news…I’m working towards opening my own school. Here’s a little taste of how I encourage kids to read. The article Tests, Stress, and Mindfulness will give you a sense of my philosophy. Will you be sending your kids to learn with me? In other big news, I finally feel good enough and strong enough to … More Get Lit With Kit – December 2020