My mission is simple. I make good people great.

Sometimes it’s luck, sometimes it’s design. In my case, it’s both. I have been blessed to spend decades doing what I love. Combining my passion for communication with my desire for movement has allowed me to see people for who they are: nuanced, complex, multidimensional.

By focusing on bridging the gap between body, mind, and spirit, I can help you know, choose, and act. 

Build self awareness.

Develop problem solving skills.

Take decisive action.

“Taking action, I believe, is one of the hardest things to implement in your life.

It takes dedication, commitment, and most importantly discipline.

You are the captain of your ship and you continuously navigate through life.

It may be a journey, but with the right support and help there is no action that you cannot achieve.

Jordana is a perfect resource for helping you implement any plan that requires you to take action.

She has helped me with various challenges by really listening and giving me a different perspective.

And it has worked wonders.”

– Andrew James Kimble III