Get Lit with Kit #12

I’m going to begin today with a little hip hop gem. A friend recently posted a track from Ill Bill, and I haven’t listened to him in a long while so I thought I’d share. Check out American History X and see how hip hop was and STILL IS a relevant vehicle for social/political commentary.

Also check out the very funny and inspiringly intelligent Dan Ariely. He is an amazing human being who overcame adversity after being badly burned, and he wrote the book Predictably Irrational, which delves into the world of decision making, morality, and perceptions. The book describes numerous experiments that Ariely conducted. It was interesting, but honestly, you can get the basic idea if you listen to his TED talks.  His website is really cool though and offers visitors a chance to conduct their own fun experiment. Check it out and let me know how it worked.

Two more individuals who gracefully overcame physical hardship can be seen in this dance. I usually show this video to my students at the beginning of every school year to reinforce the idea that no matter what your handicaps, it is still possible to achieve a dream (obviously with a lot of hard work and dedication). Take five minutes and watch the beauty of strength, control, and the indomitable human spirit.

Last up is a must read from elitefts about maintaining healthy joints. It’s nothing new, just basic body maintenance stuff, but always good to reinforce: The road to sexy is not always sexy. Sometimes it’s as simple as “stay hydrated”.

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