It seems like our world is tearing at the seams. The regression of ideas and behavior, after years of effort and sacrifice, is discouraging. We are losing our ability to connect with others and with ourselves. Yet, “we can’t change a situation if we haven’t taken responsibility for our share of it.” (I lament that I didn’t write the source of this quotation, but I’m pretty certain that it comes from Tony Robbins. If not, I apologize.)

The notion of responsibility is crucial. In order to truly understand, we need to delve deep into our history; personal, cultural, religious. We need to understand the origins that led us to this place and our role – whether by action or omission. With this in mind, I will be visiting Lithuania. Although I have no direct link to the country, I would like to visit the historical sites and museums. I will try and grasp the affects of the World Wars particularly on the decimated Jewish community. I will venture to connect with people who are different from me, but who doubtless have the same desires: to live happily and in safety, to find love and fulfillment.

This journey is the first of four that I am planning this year in an effort to learn from others so that I may strengthen my own identity. The song Unstoppable reflects my personal history as I endeavor to unravel the elements that led me to this point in my life.

(Photo Cred. from the exhibit Redemption by Ronit Joy Holtz)

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