Get Lit with Kit – September 2019

This has been a great month for learning.

I re-read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Self Reliance. It pushed me in directions I hadn’t considered when I read it in my youth.

To help me reflect on the changes, I journaled on these logotherapy meditations. Logotherapy was born out of the great Viktor Frankl. If you aren’t familiar with Austrian the therapist who survived Nazi Death Camps and his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, I urge you with utmost urgency, to read it.

To further the idea of time, I puzzled over The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli. The explanations were simple enough to follow, I just marvel over the notion that there were people brilliant enough to put words to thoughts and never before conceptualized ideas.

Zuby was a making the podcast rounds this month, spreading his positive energy. His uplifting music and affinity for health and fitness are two key reasons to follow him. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube and grab his book on healthy living.

Peace and love.



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