Get Lit with Kit – March 2020

Greetings, friends!

I do hope you’re staying safe, washing your hands, and following CDC recommendations.

This month, I read Atul Gawande’s book Better. I’ve been a fan of this physician for years, and Better reinforces my admiration- it also partially explains why we have such a long road ahead as we realize the impact of COVID-19.

To unwind from the heavy stuff, I read Rashi’s Daughters. It was an insightful piece of historical fiction, exploring gender roles and cultural expectations. What a pleasure to see the way this father stood up for his daughter’s right to learn!

I was encouraged to listen to the musical musings of Robert Glasper. Plug into this beautiful set of smooth, jazzy sounds.

As for fitness and health…many of us are at home doing workouts instead of in the gym and sharing equipment. I recommend taking of video of your exercises and watching your form as you execute the repetitions. In this demonstration video, I am clearly able to see where my weaknesses are (Can you spot the imbalances?). Even though I am no longer in pain, I still have a long way to go. Want to join me on the journey?

Peace and love,

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