Get Lit With Kit – September 2021

Well, here we are again.


All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson is an important book. Not because it represents the voice of color and not because it represents the voice of the LGBTQ community. Rather, Johnson’s book is important because his themes are universal – friendship and loneliness, family and loss. Elements of his story can resonate with every person because these conflicts transcend race, gender, and all other intersections. I’m glad that All Boys Aren’t Blue can speak to so many people and hopefully help those who feel out of place because of race and sexual orientation so they know they aren’t alone. It’s interesting that the author and I disagree on this point – Johnson deems his book important because of the intersectional relevance, I consider it relevant because his conflicts are reflected in us all.

Also noteworthy this month is Missing Kissinger by Etgar Keret. This acclaimed Israeli author has crafted a book of sometimes quirky, sometimes disturbing short stories. They are horrifyingly delightful. And I’m even more delighted to be able to read it in the original Hebrew. I’m curious to know how it translates. If you read Missing Kissinger in English, please tell me. 


We don’t usually do metal, so I thought I’d switch it up a bit. Type O Negative, Love You to Death. Love ballad on another level


I’ve been working on technique for squats and deadlifts. Believe it or not, using a broomstick to get the right movement patterning can be super helpful and very accessible for people who are just beginning. Check out these two squat variations and tap into technique.

Peace and love, Kit

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