Get Lit – Best of January 2023

Hey all! Hope your year is starting off fresh!


If you are struggling to align your actions with your greatest aspirations, I highly recommend this free resource from Tah and Kole Whitty. I have known Tah for years, ever since he worked as an ER nurse, and I met his wife Kole a few summers ago. These spectacular humans are helpers and healers. Check out their week-long transformation journaling guide.

For a lighter read, that is no less important, Wonderbook and Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne was delightful. I was charmed from the first page and smiled through the rest. Although seemingly simple, the retelling of these ancient myths was ripe with essential values that are often abandoned. One major point posits, “a young author’s most useful critic is precisely the one whom he would be least apt to choose.” I suspect this is true for any field, not just for authors. Often we seek those who would be impressed by our work, not necessarily those who would challenge and critique us. Yet, only through finding faults will we be able to identify areas for improvement and transform. Who are your “useful” critics?

As for my own book, Miscellaneous Madness received a shout out on the Dyslexic Reader’s tiktok. Check it out at 1:10 into the clip


I must call your attention to Ren, a magnificent performer who plays guitar while blowing your mind with lyrical genius. Hi Ren is more autobiographical and based on his struggles with mental health. Violent’s Tale is a powerful ballad about Violet’s abuse and pain. You must listen!


Sometimes keeping it simple is the most effective. Start with a good warm up. I like to start from the bottom and make my way to the top. Check out my happy feet. It’s amazing how good foot/ankle mobility and strength can change the way you move through your day.

Peace and love, 


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