Dead White Men

Dickens. Tolstoy. Twain. Dead white men sit at the helm of literary esteem and their novels have dominated the lists of classics taught in schools around the globe. The merit of these works cannot be overstated, and so it is surprising that they are becoming more frequently (and sadly) dismissed. With the newfound emphasis of celebrating diversity … More Dead White Men

A Choice of Weapons

I read Gordon Parks’s biography 15 years ago. I was teaching in the South Bronx at the time, and was holed up in the disheveled, musty book room trying to find a book to teach my Sophomores. Sitting on the shelf, next to several tattered editions of the 1971 paperback The Negro in the City was a lone copy … More A Choice of Weapons

Get Lit with Kit #10

Consider that moment you came to a crossroads. You were faced with a decision and determined to think with a clear head, reflect on ways to grow, and make changes that could help you experience new aspects of life. But then life got in the way and all the little stumbling blocks started to steal the thunderous momentum. … More Get Lit with Kit #10

Working with Others

Collaboration is essential for artists. Not only does it help create a strong network of creative minds, but working with a team can also help spark inspiration, and challenge an artist to improve. I was fortunate to be included on this mix of female rappers (I start off the set). If you want to hear … More Working with Others

Get Lit with Kit #9 is a great website that boasts videos from EVERY subject and all under 5 minutes. It’s perfect for when you are standing in line and have the compulsion to check your cell phone. If you’re looking for some hip hop to listen to check out JWalks. I’ve been bobbing my head to this track from his … More Get Lit with Kit #9