Get Lit with Kit #6

This past week, a friend marveled at how I “get so much done” between work, training, music, and other pursuits. I think my productivity results from a lack of “multitasking” abilities. I am keenly aware that when I try to engage more than one activity, it all falls apart (I learned this lesson 20 years ago when I ran a stop sign while listening to a book on tape). Last night, I was chatting with a buddy on the subject of multi-tasking…It doesn’t really exist. Check out the article and let me know if you find yourself more productive after applying the strategies.

If you need to center yourself before setting down to work, I highly recommend Sam Harris’ Mindfulness Meditation. I listen to this meditation in the mornings before I start my day. Take these 9 minutes and just connect with yourself. Sam Harris is a prolific writer and acclaimed atheist. What’s interesting is that he also strongly promotes meditation and spirituality. Check out his book Waking Up if you want to know more about his practices, or any of his YouTube videos if you want to see some pretty incredible debates on religion, theology, politics, and life.

A few years ago, I went to a workshop with Dr. Cobb. I have been following his Z-Health movement ever since. He puts out great content with quick videos that can help you “heal” some common ailments. Here’s one to remedy eye strain.

KRS ONE is a huge inspiration to me (hence, my monicker KIT – Knowledge Implies Thought). This video is just one example of how his intelligence influences everything hip hop. Enjoy!


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