Get Lit with Kit #9 is a great website that boasts videos from EVERY subject and all under 5 minutes. It’s perfect for when you are standing in line and have the compulsion to check your cell phone.

If you’re looking for some hip hop to listen to check out JWalks. I’ve been bobbing my head to this track from his album Walking Filthy.

Speaking of walking, this article about walking is pretty insightful and addresses ways that walking can help our brains make connections (in addition to the known health benefits). So get out there in the forest, among the skyscrapers, or even on the treadmill.

Honestly though, for a good workout, I would recommend weightlifting. I love it. But you might not. Here’s a fix to get moving, but with minimum commitment. Dave Dellanave knows his stuff and he’s worth the read.

And if you want something a little more literary friendly, check out my new book recommendation.


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