Get Lit with Kit #11

I have been having a blast performing on the NYC circuit. The community is solid, but with all the late nights, my sleep cycles have been taking a hit and I definitely do not feel on top of my game. This article identifies signs of sleep deprivation, and right now I am presenting all the signs. You can also check out this quick infographic for some ideas on how to get more (and better) sleep. Good sleep = good life = GAINS & GOALS!

Once you get your sleep sorted out, you might have the time/energy to pursue something new. Give a gander to Gymnastic Bodies. I like their easy to follow programming, and the interviews and blogs are also worth a look. But if you’re looking for something even simpler, check out my “Basement Workout“. No equipment necessary.

Last week I went to a TED event. They put out some great content and I often use their videos to reinforce lessons in my classroom. Here are some fun brain puzzles. My faves are Einstein’s riddle and the green eyed riddle.

French hip hop is something I don’t listen to very often since I don’t understand the words, but sometimes a specific track will grab my attention (in this case two great tracks). Check out  Sexion d’Assaut and Soprano’s hit Barman.


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