Get Lit #16

Are you ready to grind? Yes? Great! Check out the Sade + MF DOOM mashup.

“Invent nothing, deny nothing.” David Mamet – This is one of the key principles writer/director David Mamet presents in his book True and False. This book was required reading for my students when I taught Acting back at the turn of the century. His concept of the stage can essentially be applied to life. This is one of the most useful/practical texts I have read. Therefore, you should read it too and extract what you can.

“To lift, or not to lift.” That is the question that many people ask themselves during this turnover of seasons. Running from oppressive heat to chilling air conditioned buildings can leave us feeling lousy. BUT you can still get to the gym…maybe. Check out Should You Sweat It Out? (or click the infographic). Lift hard (or not)!


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