Get Lit with Kit #17

I had a great “argument” with a dear friend on Facebook last week. Although we don’t fully agree with each other’s perspectives, we were able to go back and forth addressing one another’s points, respectfully. I think the key point is that we care about each other and are genuinely interested in understanding each other’s perspectives. Unfortunately, many people these days just want to talk their point over the other side. That’s why I highly recommend Dale Carnagie’s timeless classic How to Win Friends and Influence People. There’s also a great TED talk on the subject.

Glad2mecha is super smooth jazz type hip hop. Check out the tracks Jazz and Pushovers

Deadlifts are my favorite exercise, especially on Leg Day (FYI: every day is Leg Day). There are so many deadlift variations but I tend towards conventional deads (I have really long arms that are suited for this lift). Dean Somerset does a great breakdown of the deadlift in this deadlift video. Give a look and start adding more of them into your workouts.

Peace and love.


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