Get Lit with Kit – February 2020

It’s February. In other words, my father passed away one month ago. He was a spiritual fellow and a sensitive soul. I will remember him through my writing. The Holy One is dedicated to him.

To honor my father further, I decided to read a book of Jewish wisdoms called Pirkei Avoth. Even if you aren’t a fan of God or religion, there is still much to be learned from the sages. Keep good company, maintain humility, be generous and kind…not new ideas, but sometimes it’s helpful to be reminded. For a glimpse, check out this quotation.

For something a little lighter, James and the Giant Peach never disappoints. (Note: For best results, read it aloud to a group of 9 year olds.)

What about barbells? It’s been a while since I trained progressively. This month I began the journey. My intention is to pull 100kg deadlift next year, and I’ll be using slow progressive overloading to get there. What is progressive overload? Check out this easy to understand breakdown from Bar Bend. It’s never too late for resolutions. What are yours?

Music. I’m not listening to much these days, but Max Richter will always hold a piece of my heart. I did love this interview with Kathy Bates on Tom Bilyeu though. Definitely give it a listen for some motivating perspective. She is an absolute treasure of knowledge, warmth, and humor.

Peace and love,


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