Get Lit With Kit – Best of July 2020

I was deeply impressed by Delia Owen’s novel, Where the Crawdads Sing. Her words struck full of painful beauty. Her characters were real. The book teaches critical lessons that I explore in my essay “The Upside of Suicide.” Read them both.

Somewhat related was this interesting podcast from father and son Eric and Zev Weinstein. Baffling how certain minds can develop with so little encouragement, yet we so often deny those precious words of validation and affirmation.

Brain fitness and body fitness go hand in hand, so I’m going to recycle an article from Barbara Oakley. This excellent piece offers advice for boosting your brain during breaks.

In line with improving how we do things, Molly Galbraith’s lecture A Woman’s Worth is a must watch. It’s geared for trainers, but offers a necessary perspective that everyone should hear. Don’t believe me? Count how often the women and girls in your life talk about their bodies and what they eat. Then ask yourself, why that topic is so important.

Killer Mike has been in the news recently, speaking intelligently and articulately about the roles and souls of Black folk. If you don’t know about his philosophy, I highly recommend listening to his wise perspective regarding independence and self actualization.  And here’s a joint from Run The Jewels. Ooh La La is about all the French I know.

Peace and love,


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