Get Lit With Kit – Best of August 2020

Howdy, all.

I did quite a bit of reading this month (coupling fiction with non-fiction, as I am wont to do), and wrote “This Means War“. It offers an analysis of Dr. Danielle Ofri’s book When We Do Harm, Deborah Gruenfeld’s Acting with Power, and   includes an extended excerpt from Sebastian Faulk’s Birdsong, a harrowing account of the misery inflicted by WWI. If you want to round off your month, throw in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. It will get you going.

My music selection this month is a little ditty called Ave Maria, as sung by a random guy in a hotel. The best part, his daughter is watching him like the boss that he is. It made me smile.

For more artistic stimulation, check out ALLarts. Dance, music, photography, theater…I can’t get enough of their online events and streaming.

Peace and love,


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