Get Lit With Kit – Best of September 2020

How’s everybody doing? I had a tumultuous month but still managed to get in some goodies.


Kid Lit – The Pushcart War. If you haven’t read this book, get on it. The book is an underrated classic about fighting back. The NYC Pushcarts v The Trucks. Who do you think will win?

EssaysFuriously Happy. Jenny Lawson is furiously funny. I highly recommend the audiobook version because she reads her own words with the most ardent authenticity. This book was hilarious. 

Non-Fiction/MysteryThe Scientist and the Spy. This is an industrial espionage page turner that had me hooked. Chinese Agriculture meets Monsanto and more.

Music: I moved to Queens, so let’s pay tribute to The Queen, Roxanne Shante…Have A Nice Day!!

Peace and love, Kit

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