Get Lit With Kit – November 2020

Hey, folks. 

I’ve been slowing down quite a bit during these uncertain days. Living in a COVID “hot spot” can be stressful. To combat the pressure, I’ve been doing my darndest to meditate. Sam Harris never fails. Deepak Chopra is also coming up with a strong listening library. 
As promised, I hit up another John Irving novel, The World According to Garp. (Are you joining me in next month’s Ode to Irving?) The author narrated an introduction to the 40th anniversary audio edition. He reflected on sexual inequality and the ways in which some things seem to never change. The novel felt curiously funny and frustrating, reminiscent of Catch – 22. 
Thus satisfied by thought provoking fiction, I dove into Rust: A Memoir of Steel and Grit. I liked this book. I don’t share Goldbach’s political views, but she threaded a compelling, intricate narrative of overcoming demons and extracting meaning from pain (both hers and others’) which I appreciated. Her story is rich and vulnerable.
The final page turner was Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s fantastic novel Shadow of the Wind. The book is shrouded in mystery as Daniel, a bookseller’s son, pieces together the staggering truth behind the history of an enigmatic manuscript. Alas, it ended too quickly and I was transported back to reality…
Post surgery, I am slowly finding my sea legs. Here’s a short Clubbell video – complete with embarrassing levels of instability and restrictions. You have to start somewhere, and considering I had my insides rearranged a mere 12 weeks ago, I am pretty satisfied with my progress. Feel free to follow along with kettlebells if you don’t have clubs. Or just cheer me on as I mash my scar tissue in the hope of regaining some sensation in my belly
To round this off, nothing beats George Michael giving props to Nina Simone in the classic Feelin Good
Peace and love, Kit

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