Get Lit w/ Kit – February 2021

It’s Black History Month!!

If you’re not listening to Nina SimoneBillie Holiday, and Sammy Davis Jr…you should be.

I revisited Harper Lee’s classic To Kill a Mockingbird and then did a deep dive into The Negro in the City, a fantastic collection of essays penned by African American royalty (I first got my hands on this book 20 years ago, and it is still relevant). Not included in the pages was Ralph Ellison, so here’s one of his painfully moving stories, Battle Royal.

This month, I participated in a workshop geared towards helping people with sleep. Nick Lambe was an informative speaker and he has another Sleep Summit coming up. I will be registering, I hope you do too.  

And if you are getting back into fitness after COVID, you might want to read this piece on returning to the gym.

Peace and love, Kit

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