Get Lit With Kit – January 2021

Hey all. How’s it going? 

Last year I set three resolutions – kettlebells for my body, Spanish for my mind, and love for my soul. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to hit any of them, so I am doubling down and aiming again. 

January 2020. I was full of hope.

This year, instead of Spanish, I’m focusing on maintaining my Hebrew. I read a short picture book about Eliezer Ben Yehuda, the man who resurrected modern Hebrew. With that under my belt, I’m progressing to fun YA novels that reinforce basic vocabulary and grammar rules. 

For engaging English reads, I’ve been hitting the short story circuit. My Dear You by Rachel Khong is a worthy narrative and reminds me of the magnificent novel Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

If you’re interested in telling your own stories, I finally finished writing the curriculum for Digital Storytelling. I’m looking for beta testers, so get at me. 

I’d like to address health from a slightly different angle this month. Let’s talk oral hygiene. Are you brushing and flossing every day? If not, you should be. The ADA outlines the importance of dental health and how the mouth can be a good indicator of body health. With that in mind, I began gargling with hydrogen peroxide twice a week before bedtime. So far, so good. 

This month’s music pick is a throwback. Bronski Beat came out with Smalltown Boy in 1984. It was featured in the movie 120 BPM a French film chronicling the fight in the AIDS epidemic. The song, the video, and the movie hit on all the feels. Give it a listen. 

Peace and love, Kit

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