Get Lit w/ Kit – July 2021

What’s up everybody?

I read a fantastic book of essays this month. Monsters in the Classroom presents thoughtful perspectives of how ‘others’ (vampires, zombies, Godzilla, etc) are portrayed in literature and film. But more importantly, it delves into WHY these beings exist as they do. Looking at historical implications, cultural contexts, psychological/political/societal fears, Monsters in the Classroom got my brain juices flowing and provided me with a list of texts to add to my reading list. Definitely this month’s best of the best.

My second book of the month was John McCain’s biography The Luckiest Man, written by Mark Salter. The story of McCain’s life is compelling and inspiring. I found myself searching for links to his speeches and SNL performances as they were referenced in each chapter. What a man! In our divided political climate, it is inspiring and reassuring to know that someone as remarkable as McCain served our country. I know there are others like him, Americans who combine integrity and action, and will ultimately build bridges for us to unite again as a nation. That said, every man is a mystery and I am curious to see how others might have written about him in a less flattering light. If you have any opinions/links on the matter, please send them my way.

As you read, consider vibing to the tunes of Qarreo. This unique group (husband + wife + sister) blasts it out of the park with strong vocals and smooth sounds. My faves are tracks 7 (Marso) and 8 (Tiny Little Pieces). Give all their tracks a listen and let me know which one hits you hardest. Check them out on Facebook or follow them on the ‘Gram.

I was asked an interesting question this week: How do you modify workouts for intensity? One way is to cut things in half. If you usually walk for 40 minutes, see if you can cover the same distance in 20. If you regularly lift weights for 10 reps/set, see if you can pull heavier for 5 reps. If you have really long rest periods because you are busy playing on your phone instead of working out, reassess your priorities!!! Set your music in advance and go into airplane mode so you can focus on having an awesome session – and cut your rest time in half (assuming you aren’t going for 1RM).

And for good measure, let’s throwback to Arnold’s Pizza Shop.

Peace and love, Kit

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