Get Lit w/ Kit – June 2021

I must admit, I tried reading another book by John Irving, A Son of the Circus. I simply couldn’t enjoy it. I tried. I really did. But by page 127, I was done. If you make it through, let me know. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

The Cider House Rules, on the other hand, was a fun one. This novel calls directly into question the idea of human rights as it relates to women, namely, abortion. Irving certainly makes the case for maintaining safe, legal abortions for women who have no ability to care for their would-be children. As a woman who was denied the ability to make my own decisions regarding my own body, I deeply relate to the themes he presents. 

Nine Nasty Words by John McWhorter did not disappoint. This little book covers the history of curse words. Not for the easily offended. Video link if you want to watch the interview. And throwback to George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words who cleverly called attention to the phenomenon of watching what you say.

Music this month is brought to you by Raw Proof. He’s  Back on It. Give a listen to this Southern powerhouse.

With everyone gearing up for vacation, I figured I’d link a video from Coach Scott. He makes several good points about how to live in a state of balanced abundance. He also has a great Canadian accent! Check him out.

Peace and love, Kit

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