Get Lit With Kit – November 2021

Gah-lee! What a month.

I read some fantastic books, starting with Sammy Davis Jr.’s Yes I Can. This book is a wellspring of wisdom. Fortunately, I bought a copy (instead of borrowing) so the dog ears, highlighting, and annotations will stay with me for the future. This man is known for his power to entertain, but his strength comes from his ability to break barriers. A fascinating history, an exciting life, a remarkable book. Read it, you must! (And check out the Rat-Pack clip of Sammy bringing some great ‘zingers’.)

Also interesting was The Talking Ape by Robbins Burling. This account of the evolution of language delves into everything I love about the way we use words. Purpose, function, implications, and extrapolations are all woven into this easy to follow exploration of how and why humans can use language in a way that no other primates do. I really enjoyed this book.

I ran for the first time in a LONG time yesterday. And it felt GREAT! Granted, I ‘only’ clocked 5 minutes, but that was enough to spark the flame. I used to love running and while I don’t remember why I stopped, I am happy to rediscover it again. I’ll be starting slow. What is something you can do for 5 minutes a day in an effort to improve your physical fitness?

If mental fitness is more your thing, check out Eminem‘s strategies for success. He remains one of the most brilliant lyricists of all time (at least in my book).

For a melodic tune to set you right for the week, I invite you to listen to Nothing Compares 2U as sung by…Chris Cornell, Sinead O’Connor, and, of course, PRINCE

Peace and love, Kit

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