Get Lit With Kit – Best of December 2021

Deck the halls  🙂

I’d be lying if I said I was keeping up with my reading. I did, however, encounter one provocative piece about ayahuasca from Stephanie Lin at As I read her thoughtful insights, I was struck by the notion of how powerful we humans are – when we choose to be, when we allow ourselves to be, when we open ourselves to the possibility of our infinite greatness. My resolution is just that – to be open to my possibilities. What superpower will you allow yourself to uncover?

One trick to get me started comes from Mike Reinhold from He has a great process to set you on the path for 2022. I’ve done mine. How about you?

Music this month has been my soundtrack on repeat. Snowy Jazz is the way to warm your soul.

The workout challenge this month is simply this: Move. Every. Day. One of the biggest challenges people face is ‘dieting’ during the holidays. There are too many parties and an abnormal number of opportunities to indulge. Instead of trying to deny and decry, I suggest committing to move. It’s easier (and more realistic) to add than to subtract. While I do recommend watching what you eat, I think making health goals accessible is a good way to get started. Not everyone has the willpower to turn down grandma’s perfectly browned pie crust. But everyone can commit to move every day. I’m doing kettlebell swings. How about you?

Peace and love, Kit

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