Get Lit – July 2022

Heyo fellas and fellows! New York City has been enjoying an intense heat wave, so I’ve been sliding into the air conditioned museums. Particularly enjoyed the exhibits at the NY Historical Society this month.


I’ve been on the circuit promoting my book, Miscellaneous Madness (be sure to grab your copy!), and one of the culture critics said it reminded her of Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. So obviously, I had to check this out. Indeed, the themes are similar – there’s a feeling of loss that permeates Strout’s stories. They are painfully vivid and the loneliness is tangible. Biggest takeaways:

1. You never really know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes.

2. No one owns suffering.

Given these two important life lessons, I’m working on being kinder and more patient. It’s not always easy to give someone the benefit of the doubt. I often jump to conclusions and begin catastrophizing when I think I’ve collected enough information. In fact, there is always something else to consider. So I am making a greater effort to slow down and keep my mouth closed and listen without feeling compelled to respond. Not easy, but worth it.

The second book I read was Ian Rowe’s Agency (book talk/interview here). I appreciate the way that he deconstructs the idea of self determination and personal agency. It was hopeful while still recognizing that we have a lot more work to do to create a society for all Americans to achieve excellence. Rowe highlights the fact that not everything is clear cut. There is nuance and we need to empower people to make choices that will allow for their individual growth and success. Biggest takeaways:

1. Family matters

2. Community matters (both immediate and in the broader culture)

3. Education matters

4. Knowing that your choices can impact the direction your life takes matters


I’m very excited that SiNTH SiTY is back on the scene with a new single Undercover! It’s been on my repeat for weeks. Definitely worth a listen.


You know I started dancing again last month and I am loving it – despite my current inability to coordinate movements. So I’m thinking of taking up juggling! Yup. Juggling is one of those complex tasks that has a huge benefit. If you want to join me, I love Taylor’s instructional video and explanations. Are you in?

Peace and love, 


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