Get Lit – June 2022

Summer is here!


My book, Miscellaneous Madness, tops the list this week. You can order it here. Remember to write a review (on Amazon, on Goodreads, and on your social media pages). AND stay tuned for a virtual night with the author (me!). Links to come.

Thomas Friedman, of New York Times notoriety, wrote Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Acceleration. I felt like he was speaking directly to me when he listed the social, environmental, technological, (etc) challenges that we are now facing. Sure, we have introduced some wonderful ideas and innovations, but it seems like no one considered the consequences of bringing certain elements into existence. And now we’re stuck – or so it seems. How does someone, who is fundamentally resistant to change keep pace with the discombobulating melee? It’s not easy. It takes effort and practice and a lot of refocusing. As I read the book, these ideas stood out…

“‘Patience wasn’t just the absence of speed. It was space for reflection and thought.’…Knowledge is only good if you can reflect on it.” This is something I struggle with each day. It’s not easy to discern between the endless pieces of input that bombard us on a daily basis. There is so much noise and so much novelty. How can I do a better job at filtering so I allow useful/inspiring stuff to penetrate? Social media is a double edged sword that way. How do you handle it?

“‘Wound collectors’ [bring] up ‘events from decades past…Their recollections of these events is as meaningful and painful today as when they originally took place. For them there is no statute of limitations on suffering…” This was a blatant reminder that while it is important to know where I came from, and what experiences brought me to a certain point, more critical is future foresight – where am I going? It might not be my fault that I am where I am, but it is my responsibility to get to where I want to be. Recently, I have been falling into the trap of wanting things to be different. I’ll journal my list of complaints against the world and re-center by writing what actions I can take to make situations workable. Often very simple solutions can improve the circumstances. So that’s encouraging. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by life?


While we’re on the subject of change, Annie Lennox, No More I Love You’s stands the test of time. Love this track!


No workouts this month. Instead I registered for ballet and tap at my local studio! I might not be Ginger Rogers, but I will be smiling from ear to ear. Very excited to start dancing again. And if you needed an excuse to get YOUR boogie on, check out the benefits of dance.

Peace and love, 


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