Get Lit w/ Kit – Best of September

Hello friends.


I didn’t do as much reading as I had hoped; however, I have this to share: “A good heart will guide us along the right path in life…[yet] even by applying the qualities of diligence and moderation, neither will benefit us unless we combine it with a good heart. Good does not mean weak and malleable, but rather kind and steadfast.”

It’s easy to get lost in today’s world. The distractions are multifold and the opportunities to hide behind a cloak of anonymity allows us to be callous (and sometimes even mean) without consequence. I’m letting that sit because I certainly fall into the trap.

I am in the process of reading Gunter Grass’ The Tin Drum. There’s a section in the beginning that calls attention to the fact that grownups will look for any reason to justify what they want to believe—because things just can’t “be” they MUST have a cause. (For context, the character stopped growing at the age of three and claims to have thrown himself down a flight of stairs in order to injure himself just enough to allow for the grownups to believe the reason he stopped developing was the direct consequence of the “accident”.) With this as my frame of reference, I am examining my beliefs. Which ones “must” be true? And how do I seek to prove and reinforce them? It’s a version of confirmation bias, obviously, hence the investigation. (PS: I’m enjoying the book immensely.) 


I discovered that one of my students plays the saxophone. It’s not really my wheelhouse, but this piece was incredible (to my ears).


I wrote a thing. It connects brain and body. We really should be playing and moving more than we do. Read Leap to Learn to learn more. 😉

In case you need inspiration, this short video of senior runners is jaw dropping—100 and 102 years old and they are amazing!!! Notice they how high they lift their legs, as opposed to the shuffle of most seniors who are scared to fall and consequently keep their feet close to the ground. Higher heel lift equates to greater balance challenges and ultimately, greater control. No wonder these two are still going strong.  (PS: notice the relationship between cognitive decline and gait. Read the first paragraph.)

Peace and love, 


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