Get Lit – Best of April 2023

It’s been a long time! But I’m bringing the GOODIES!

Books and Beats

The library was throwing out books (?!) and I tried to salvage as many as I could. One of them was Sal Mineo: A Biography. I didn’t know who this man was until I started reading about the young, puppy-eyed misfit who starred opposite James Dean and Natalie Wood in Rebel Without a Cause – then I recognized the powerhouse. But this role was only the beginning of the star’s tumultuous experience in Hollywood. Faced with family betrayal, financial mismanagement, and conflicted sexuality, Sal Mineo’s life and sudden death ignited all the feels. I passed the book on – it was so good, I wanted others to read it – hence, I have no quotations for you. Mineo’s life was instructive. No matter how far one falls, there is always a choice. Mineo chose to  stand up and keep going. He also sang and dominated the drums in the Gene Krupta story.

Combining percussion and the sense of sadness, Calypso Rose captures the feelings of longing and defeat amidst the beauty and sweetness of the island in the addictive track Calypso Blues. You can pair it with Jamaica Kincaid’s short story Girl.


I spent some time in the Caribbean this month. I was stunned by the beauty of the sunrise and greeted each morning by an army of hermit crabs. I had to slow down to pay attention. It’s spring. Things are changing. Let’s walk slowly and experience the rich fullness of life. 

Peace and love, 


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