Sex, Drugs, & Rock ‘n Roll

Music is a powerful thing. It can forge political protests, define a generation, or simply set a mood – historically and notoriously, one of sex. From Elvis shaking his pelvis to LL Cool J licking his lips, music and sex are forever intertwined. (Of note, LL’s Doin’ It references safe sex TWICE.)

With the prevalence of today’s explicit lyrics promoting fornication with drunken one night stands, I felt there was a void. One that presented an alternative, safe sex with someone familiar. With this in mind, I crafted On Top.

Essentially an instruction manual, On Top does not shy away from erotic sexual description. But the song differs from the mainstream in two ways: the object of my desire is someone I have known for a while and we use condoms.

In a world rife with STD’s (HPV affecting 42% of Americans and studies linking herpes to autism), I felt compelled to address the need for sexual responsibility in my music. Obviously condoms are not 100% effective at preventing the transmission of disease, but in the context of an established friendship that is moving to the next level, it can at least offer the possibility of a safer and healthier future.


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