Get Lit with Kit #8

This was an interesting article about language and how our mother tongue is a strong connector to our personal history, even if we haven’t spoken that language for years.

As I read the linguistics article, I thought about the unique blend of food that I grew up with (Iraqi kibbeh and Japanese sushi = winning combination). Now I could never cook like my grandmother or my mom, but I did stumble across PureWow. Try their recipesĀ (especially the cauliflower ones) and let me know how they taste. Meanwhile, I’ll be eating peanut butter over the sink.

If you haven’t seen Dave Chappell’s comedy or read Maya Angelou’s work, go do that. Then, watch them on Iconoclasts. Whoever orchestrated it is a genius. Seeing these two mights interact was amazing. I think I cried when I watched it. Make the time. It’s brilliant.

Another great talent is J Rawls. Enjoy some dope hip hop.

Peace and love.

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