Get Lit with Kit # 18

Joyce Carol Oates is one of America’s most respected and controversial female authors. Admittedly, I haven’t read many of her essays, but I have read dozens of her novels and stories. I.D. is one of her less graphic short pieces. If you want a longer work, I highly suggest We Were the Mulvaneys.

Another recommendation is Black Violin. This hip hop violin duo is breaking boundaries and creating awesome music.

If you’re working on improving your body composition, you might want to try interval training. The most popular method is probably Tabata. Dr. Tabata devised a protocol of 8 rounds of high intensity training that lasts a total of 4 minutes (there’s actually more to it, but when people say Tabata, they are generally referring to the 4 minute intervals). Many people love the short investment and high returns. I recommend reading the article before trying the routine to make sure this is the right method for you.

Peace and love.


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