Get Lit with Kit – best of July 2018


I’ve been hearing about the benefits of transcendental meditation for years. This month I finally read Jack Forem’s book on the subject. I fully intend to explore further. Will keep you posted. (Along similar lines, this article on focus and attention can help you find the sweet spot and get things done in flow. It’s long, presumably to test your ability to focus long enough to read it.)

Also on my reading list was Mrs. Fletcher, a tongue in cheek comedy about coming of age in sexually ambiguous times. Tom Perrotta nailed it.

And for history nerds like myself, I must share Dan Carlin’s recent Hardcore History podcast Supernova in the East. This series is consistently excellent, well researched, and entertaining.

Speaking of history, I love when music reflects on the past and the connections to culture. Peep Necro’s Jewish Gangsters.

On the fitness front, it’s been great settling into my new job at the Playground. I’m learning a lot and practicing new skills, like Bulgarian Bag Training … who knew?

Several of our members confided that they were sore for a whole week after doing my workouts (message me for details). If you can relate to the DOMS phenomenon, you might enjoy this Gym Buddies video.


Peace and love.


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