Get Lit with Kit – Best of August 2018

I read Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education by Michael Pollan (name pun!!). It fascinated and inspired me to comment in my blog. Check out my piece Earthly Entitlements, then delve into Pollan’s work.

I also enjoyed The Collected Stories by Alexandr Pushkin. There’s something about those Russians…It was a good way to cool down during this hot summer. 😉

A final recommendation is Alan Watts’s short text The Wisdom of Insecurity. Dense. Philosophical. Full of golden nuggets. If you don’t have time to read it, listen to his lecture: Overcoming Negative Thinking.
When it comes to workouts, I’m a stickler for form. It’s crucial to have base strength to execute movements correctly. Often, in the gym, people sacrifice form and use momentum to move more weight before establishing the solid foundation. A perfect example is the basic pull-up/chin- up. Sometimes people will use the swing of kipping pull-ups as a substitute for the pure strength of a dead hang pull-up, which doesn’t rely on momentum. Don’t make that mistake. Build your foundation before progressing to more advanced movements. If you are going to kip, make sure you do it correctly.
Finally, Chronixx came out with his new track Skankin’ Sweet. Enjoy some smooth reggae.
Until next time, peace and love.


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