Get Lit With Kit – February 2022

I hope you are grooving! I certainly am.

This month, I read several BOOKS that overlapped in a curious way

Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality mentioned the fact that kids don’t have the basics and are not strong enough in the foundations. This hinders excellence, obviously.

Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows presented the dangers that await us all when we are unprepared and ill equipped to deal with shape shifting technologies, especially when we ‘overvalue right now’ at the expense of what is truly essential.

Andy Weir’s The Martian shows how knowledge serves as the springboard for creativity, which circles back to Kobe’s point.


Can we talk about the haunting majesty that is Florence + The Machine? Watch the video. Listen to the voice. Feel the chills. 


It’s still winter in New York, but that doesn’t mean you can’t workout. Skiing, skating, and sledding (walking up those hills is no joke!) are all great activities for the chilly weather. What are you doing to stay fit and stay warm?

Peace and love, 


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