Get Lit With Kit – March 2022

Greetings and salutations!

March was certainly madness for me.


First, I devoured Tina Fey’s hilarious autobiography, Bossypants. Key takeaways:

  • Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted. 
  • Sometimes we forget to take a look in the mirror – but when we do, we can see the hypocrisy. And then we can change. 
  • Real women lift each other up and help one another improve. This was reminiscent of the premise for Michael Jordan’s biography. He only wanted to play with the best. It makes sense. If you hold other people down, then you are never testing your skills against legitimate competition. Elevate yourself and others.

I also really enjoyed Thunderstruck by Erik Larson. Like Devil in the White City (which I highly recommend!!!), Thunderstruck wove together two parallel stories of death and birth. Guglielmo Marconi was busy creating wireless communication which transformed the world. Simultaneously, Hawley Crippen’s life was falling apart. This book has everything – politics, pain, and passion. If you enjoy history, you’ll love this. 

Speaking of history, Dan Carlin has a new Hardcore out. Human Resources takes a look at slavery. He introduces some information that we tend to forget about the origins of slavery as it relates to religion, viral load, and ‘humanitarian relief’ for indigenous populations of Hispaniola.

All the while, I have been diligently working on my own book. That’s right. I’m writing a book! Of short fiction. It’s kinda dark. I’ll be looking for beta readers soon. If you’d like to see what I create (as opposed to what I consume) give me a shout. 


March is dedicated to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons because in New York we experienced all four seasons this month. 


Hikes. Lots of hikes. It heals the soul. What are the top trails where you live?

(Pic from the Witch Trails in Lithuania.)

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