Get Lit – November 2022

It’s cold outside!

That means everyone is playing Mariah Carey in anticipation of Christmas. So for variety, I’ll introduce Everybody Needs A Kiss from Ben Benassi and Sofi Tukker. It’s a great track with a sexy vibe – Portuguese has that effect.

Speaking of sexy, if you are looking to luxuriate yourself, I highly recommend Inclusive Joy products. I don’t normally promote specific products, but I met Simi at a Farmer’s Market and I love his soaps and bath teas. Self care is important and feeling good about yourself can be achieved through more than just physical pursuits. However, if you do want something physical, SPRINT! Seriously. Sprinting has significant benefits, as outlined by Darryl Edwards. You can also check out his informative TED Talk and mellifluous voice.

Someone else who promotes (and epitomizes) health and discipline is Jocko Willink. I reread his common sense manual Extreme Ownership and was struck by just how much this philosophy diverges from our current common culture. I’m personally going to make more of an effort to lead/live by example, never expect others to do what I am not willing to do myself, and remember that Discipline = Freedom. Little things matter (not to be confused with trivial things).  I am doubling down on the promises to stick to my word, to not overcommit, and to be patient before responding so I can exert good judgement. Not easy, but totally worth it.

With that in mind, I wrote another article that I hope will inspire you to rethink what education means. It All Adds Up…In the End…Of Days is a description of how I would apply some of Jocko’s ideas when I open my own school. I’d love to know what you think about this philosophy!

Peace and love, 


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