Get Lit with Kit #10

Consider that moment you came to a crossroads. You were faced with a decision and determined to think with a clear head, reflect on ways to grow, and make changes that could help you experience new aspects of life. But then life got in the way and all the little stumbling blocks started to steal the thunderous momentum. … More Get Lit with Kit #10

Making Music

I love words. As a teacher, as a lover of literature, as a story teller, I love the ways that words and expressions convey meaning and experience. My goal is to use words to effect positive outcomes, and sometimes the best way to do this is through silly, fun loving rhymes. I appreciate the fact … More Making Music

Get Lit with Kit #7

This Goals v. Systems article has been floating around in the fitness and education spheres recently. James Clear presents a great analysis of how a little bit of concrete work every day actually leads to accomplishing goals. It’s process oriented and quite useful if you’re the type of person who is motivated to set goals but struggles … More Get Lit with Kit #7

Making an Impact

It’s important for me to make meaningful connections with people through my music. After my most recent performance of Sisters, a woman in the audience approached me to thank me for speaking about relevant issues. She has a teenage daughter and was especially moved by the parallels between the recent Facebook live rapes and my verse … More Making an Impact