Get Lit with Kit #7

This Goals v. Systems article has been floating around in the fitness and education spheres recently. James Clear presents a great analysis of how a little bit of concrete work every day actually leads to accomplishing goals. It’s process oriented and quite useful if you’re the type of person who is motivated to set goals but struggles with achieving them.

Another great read comes from Precision Nutrition. It’s one of their longer pieces, but well worth it. Basically, there will never be a “perfect” time, so jump on your goals NOW. There are also practical infographics that can help you break down your exercise, food, and mental wellness. If nothing else, scroll to those infographics, see what you’re doing, and figure out how to do it better.

That said, sometimes it is necessary to abandon your goals. Check out the Maya Shankar podcast from the NPR archives about her story of transformation from violinist to activist (and watch her violin performance). Remember, it’s possible to find passion where we least expect it.

Speaking of passion, lifting is mine. I love being in the gym but there is one person who sometimes shows up during my morning workouts and it destroys my vibe. This individual is a toxic person, and I already learned my lesson about toxic people. My song No Tomorrow tells all about it.

Peace and love.

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