Get Lit with Kit #10

Consider that moment you came to a crossroads. You were faced with a decision and determined to think with a clear head, reflect on ways to grow, and make changes that could help you experience new aspects of life. But then life got in the way and all the little stumbling blocks started to steal the thunderous momentum. This article about decision making is written in relation to dating but the idea could be applied to any arena. If you approach life with a “Fuck yes!” vs “Hell No!” Attitude, you can start minimizing the daily distractions and get back to achieving your goals.

You can also check out this piece I wrote on setting smart goals. It presents my rationale for why “one size does not fit all” and offers ways to take progressive action.

Speaking of goals, music is one of my priorities. If you don’t know much about my alter-ego check out my Spotlight interview here.

On music, an incredibly motivating force is artist Angel Haze. She is a powerful lyricist and I offer you this version of the song Black Dahlia because it includes the lyrics to her passionate song.

Sometimes passion is the result of pain. Check out my book talk below as I discuss the pain that some literary geniuses endured during their childhoods.


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