Get Lit with Kit #1

I just finished recording 4 new tracks for my second album “Daughter of a Refugee”. The songs are hot and I can’t wait to perform them … once I start performing again. Here’s a taste of I Against All.

A good friend compiled a list of “Bests” from 2016. Check out his recommendations for books, movies, and music here. It’s an eclectic compilation and there are some great titles.

People love their electronics and I am sure that the technological gifts will abound this holiday season. Here’s a serendipitous article on how technology hijacked one man in Iceland.

I stumbled upon this group from California. If you like hip hop, check out The Trees.

And finally, with all the volatile political talk, I thought I’d share photos of Russia before the Revolution. If you like history and photography, check it out.

Peace and love,


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