Get Lit with Kit #5

I overcommitted (no surprises there) and have been extremely stressed out for the past few weeks. While talking to my coach, I realized that a lot of my stress is all self created because I think everything needs to be handled immediately. Obviously, my focus for the next week will be: “Don’t invent unnecessary urgency.” … More Get Lit with Kit #5

Get Lit with Kit #4

The 3 Hour Swing was something I stumbled across recently. It’s an interesting concept with clear benefit. If you’re a music lover, you might struggle with choosing just one playlist because, let’s face it, music is life. This article deconstructs music and the type of music that would be most beneficial for you and your task. … More Get Lit with Kit #4

Get Lit with Kit #1

I just finished recording 4 new tracks for my second album “Daughter of a Refugee”. The songs are hot and I can’t wait to perform them … once I start performing again. Here’s a taste of I Against All. A good friend compiled a list of “Bests” from 2016. Check out his recommendations for books, movies, … More Get Lit with Kit #1