Get Lit with Kit #14

I read Padura’s The Man Who Loved Dogs last week (NYT Review). Great book that tackled several important issues, one being the feeling of isolation that seems to smother all the characters. Sadly, loneliness is an epidemic that still exists in our world (nearly 100 years later).

This was an interesting read about loneliness. The article speaks about men, but there is definitely a disconnect that many people face. One way to combat this is to plan a short outing 30-60 minutes once a week with a partner. It’s really easy to do in places like New York that have a plethora of free music events and museum options. But for people outside the metropolis it can be a little more challenging. Trip Advisor can sometimes help. There are thousands of listings of things to do everywhere in the world. So grab a friend and check out something new like…

…local music. Precious G is a fresh voice in the game. We don’t hear many Native American stories in hip hop so give a listen. And if you have an artist you think I should check out, send me a link!

In terms of fitness, this piece from Barbell Physio presents some solid variations of standard exercises. Dr. Zach Long is actually a physiotherapist who lifts weights! You have to respect the man for practicing what he preaches.



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