Get Lit with Kit – February 2019

I am enchanted by Sayed Kashua’s books. He is a journalist, but also writes stunning fiction. His first novel, Dancing Arabs, was fabulous and drew me to read his next work, Exposure. Kashua weaves nuanced plots with complex characters who explore their Arab identity in Israel. I subsequently started learning Arabic.

Also noteworthy, is Why Jesus? by Ravi Zacharias. This provocative book and his breakdown of Christianity, spirituality, and the Godless cultural chaos in which we find ourselves, had me hooked. You might also enjoy this interview where he elucidates life with humor and insight.

I outlined a killer kettlebell workout on Instagram this month. If you’re not following me yet, get on it.

I’m kind of obsessed with Fire In My Heart because the sound of 80’s EDM rules.

Peace and love.



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