Get Lit with Kit – March 2019

Heya. This month was full of goodness. Below are the offerings…
I finally read Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, and connected deeply to her need for the journey. The memoir also piqued my interest in the Pacific Trail. I’m figuring out how to orchestrate a hike of 100 miles on the northern portion of California/Oregon. Want to join?

Leo Tolstoy’s short story Happy Ever After comprised another thought provoking read about a young orphan who marries an older man, who happens to be a good friend of her father’s. It’s easy to tell when the master puts pen to paper.

I finished Let It Be Morning, the third novel by the esteemed Sayed Kashua. I’m thrilled to have been exposed to his writing and highly recommend this interview featuring Kashua and another prominent Israeli writer, Etgar Keret. Listening to these two friends ponder politics and personal ambitions was entertaining and enlightening.

Because I started dancing again, I decided to lay off the heavy weights. Swinging my light kettlebells keeps me fit so I can be light on my toes. This routine was a fun challenge as it requires quick transitions between two movement patterns (squat v hinge).
How about some classic BB King and Eric Clapton…jamming.

Peace and love.




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