Get Lit With Kit – April 2022

And…we’re back!

It’s important to state your goals and pursue them. One of my goals this month was to detach and recenter. I was partially successful. I definitely enjoyed my time at Bluebird Alpaca Farm (those little creatures are so cute and serene!), but maintaining the feeling of tranquility was tough once I got back to ‘the real world’. Looking ahead, I want to incorporate more moments of peace into my day.

I suppose one way to achieve that is to start strong with 5 x 5 training. I bought a barbell for my home gym, but will modify with a broomstick until I feel solid with the movement patterns first. Who’s with me?

This month was Dolly Parton month. She’s a wholesome renegade whose energy always makes me smile. 9 to 5 is the anthem for April.

Harry Belafonte’s My Song was an interesting read. Firstly, he was a contemporary of Sammy Davis Jr and the rest of the Rat Pack, so historically speaking, it just reels you in. Additionally, I didn’t realize how invested Belafonte was in various humanitarian causes, so that perspective was enlightening. One excerpt that he reflected on during a mission in Africa can be applied to the overwhelming sense of hopelessness that we encounter these days.

“I staggered back towards the supply trucks, where our doctors had set up a tent and were administering to a long line of the needy. The line went on and on; I couldn’t see the end of it. Clearly, the doctors would run out of supplies long before they ran out of patients. ‘How can you handle that emotionally?’ I asked one of the doctors that night over dinner. ‘Knowing that you’ll never have enough to meet the needs of the people?’ The doctor, an Australian, had a ready answer. ‘I used to look at a  crisis in all its magnitude,’ he said. ‘I never do that anymore. I look at what’s in front of me. I’ll never save everyone, or even very many, but the one in front of me – I may save that one, and the one behind him. You do what you can do. The important thing is that you do it.'”

I definitely want to take that with me.

Regarding my book, Miscellaneous Madness, I need your help. Which cover design would you like to see on the cover?

Option 1 

Option 2

Let me know which you prefer!

Peace and love, 


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